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Micro-Mist Nebulizer



Micro-Mist Nebulizer Air Brush with Tubing

When sprayed, the MICRO-MIST NEBULIZER delivers a combination of vitamins, aminos, and 95% pure oxygen to the treated facial area. The acid mantel should be opened via laser, microdermabrator AHA peels for best results.

The oxygen mirco-molecule is 1/70th the size of a red blood cell and carries up to 5 times more oxygen, maximizing the skin’s oxygen absorption. These oxygen molecules are absorbed into the skin where they attach themselves to collagen and elastin fibers, accelerating the production of new cells while removing toxins. Oxygen treatment has antibacterial properties, good for acne clients. It also helps reduce inflammation, hydrates the skin (giving it a youthful appearance) and helps to restore oxygen from aging, stress and smoking.

Skin-Apeel Company
Skin-Apeel, is the Leader in Microdermabrasion Aluminum Oxide Crystals. 
Highest Quality, over 99.8% Pure Aluminum Oxide with MSDS, safety data sheet, ISO and FEDA. 
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