Aluminum Oxide Crystals

Aluminum Oxide Crystals

4lb Bottle | 50lb Bulk Bag
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$4.15 per lb
$16.60 ea. bottle
Bulk bag 50 lb:
$3.15 per lb

$157.50 ea bag

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Skin-Apeel Company Family owned and operated since 1999.  

Our Crystals come with M.S.D.S. safety data sheet ISO and are FDA approved.

We offer Virtually Dust-Free Crystals. This is accomplished by a Multiple Layer Screen Sifting process, which is then dusted by a dual stage air-wash system and bottled with a gel-pillow moisture pack and sealed cap. The crystals are for use on all Microdermabrators that use grit #90, #100 & #120 (Sizes #150-180 are not totally dust free).


This Oxide found in nature as a mineral Corundum, which only exceeds in hardness by Diamonds and a few other synthetic substance, giving it EXCELLENT ABRASIVE qualities. For over 20 years, this Oxide has been used by the Dental Profession for polishing surgical implants, preparation of crowns and fillings and as an abrasive used directly against the tooth surface to clean off decay. These processes have been done world wide with no health problems associated with Oxide Crystals.


Treatments have been done in Europe over the past 30 years using Aluminum crystals with no reports of any medical related problems, i.e. Alzheimer's or cancer due to this process. The use of Aluminum Oxide Crystals with Micro-Dermabrasion, according to medical safety data sheet by NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health), and ACGIH (American Conference of Governmental Hygienist) conclude that Aluminum Oxides is considered a low health risk, it is nontoxic for ingestion, has no adverse effects on skin contact, is not a known carcinogen, is a low health risk by inhalation, however it is considered to be a nuisance dust in high concentration, like any fine particulate on a long term basis can cause irritation, coughing, irritated eyes or even shortness of breath depending on the exposure time.

Skin-Apeel Company
Skin-Apeel, is the Leader in Microdermabrasion Aluminum Oxide Crystals. 
Highest Quality, over 99.8% Pure Aluminum Oxide with MSDS, safety data sheet, ISO and FEDA. 
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